A New Era of Cremona in America

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CECILIA Rosins are now available!

CECILIA Rosins are now available!CECILIA Rosins are now available!

In 2020, Cremona in America renames ANDREA rosin CECILIA

A New Era of Cremona in America

In 2020, Cremona in America renames ANDREA rosin CECILIA.

The name CECILIA is both the name of the patron saint of musicians as well as the name of my beloved mother who passed away in 2019. Her wonderful love was a constant source of support and inspiration. In honor of my mother and musicians, and to celebrate the new decade, all premium rosins from CiA will be made under the name CECILIA starting in 2020.  CECILIA Rosin series are now available in the USA and Europe and expected be launched in Asia  in the Fall of 2020. All production of “ANDREA” will be ceased then. 

Liquid Form Blending Method for CiA’s new Signature Formula


Liquid Form Blending Method

Each individual rosin ingredient is melted slowly until it becomes liquid. It is then dispensed through a special filtering screen and the ingredients are blended together. This new blending process enhances the purity of the rosin as well as increasing the preservation of the original chemical properties of the secret rosin formula.

CECILIA Rosins are available in 4 types of formula

Formulas for CECILIA SOLO, A Piacere, and Sanctus are identical to the ones produced under the name "ANDREA"


CECILIA Rosin Release Special Event (March-December 2020)

In celebration of the release of our new CECLIA Rosin, CiA will give away 10 free rosins every month to selected participants. Please follow instructions for your chance to win!

Buy Raffle Tickets to Make Donations and Win CECILIA Rosin!

CiA is sponsoring @musician.aid for their meaningful fundraiser campaign. Please visit the website to participate.

Tips for using CECILIA rosin

If your bow hair is in good condition, then it will break in the new rosin surface with a few hard swipes made at the heel. Do not scratch the new surface of the rosin with a sharp object to start it off. During the initial stage, apply less rosin more frequently rather than a lot all at once. You will be able to gauge if you need more or less rosin based on your preference. It is not recommended but you can mix CECILIA with other rosins if you wish.

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Win your new CECILIA Rosin!

In celebration of the release of our new CECLIA Rosin, CiA will give away 10 free rosins every month

  1. Follow our official Instagram page: @ceciliarosin_official
  2. Upload a nice photo of your new CECILIA Rosin and
    comment to your Instagram and tag @ceciliarosin_official
  3. Hashtag #cremonainamerica #ceciliarosin
  4. Hashtag the specific rosin you purchased from below:
    #cecilia_signatureformula #cecilia_solo
    #cecilia_APiacere #cecilia_sanctus
  5. Hashtag #violinrosin #violarosin #cellorosin

We will DM all winners who will receive one free CECILIA rosin of their choice!

CiA is sponsoring this meaningful fundraiser campaign.

Musician Aid

Jacob Brillhart, a professional violin maker living in Vermont, is volunteering his time to build a violin to help raise money for musicians hit hard by the pandemic. He has teamed up with a local non-profit, the Seven Stars Arts Center, and a variety of media sponsors to reach as many musicians in need as possible. 

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World's finest premium rosin for string instruments

As of 2020, Cremona in America has produced over 200,000 cakes of handmade rosin since the establishment back in 2009. During this memorable journey, with your continuous support and trust, I was able to turn around the reputation and the faith of Andrea Rosin that was once in turmoil.  Cremona in America will continue to produce the world's finest premium rosins under new name CECILIA.

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We, not only being musical instrumentalists but being ‘true artists,’ are constantly in search for something new, something different and something more effective to better communicate our ideas to the world. I strive to create something unique and special that will inspire these artists to create their own unique and exquisite masterpiece.

S.W. Peter Bahng, violinist CEO & Founder

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