Hear from your own colleagues and other world renowned musicians. Since Andrea Bang introduced this premium rosin as Tartini, we have received countless compliments from string players all over the world. We continuously appreciate your comments and thoughts.
Lynn Harrel - Cellist

“The new Andrea rosin is truly fantastic. Either Casals or Toscanini yield unprecedented fullness and brilliance of tone and different degrees of bite to suit any instrument and repertoire.

This rosin saves many hours of practice to achieve the proper articulation and sound quality. It is long lasting, applies easily and evenly and prolongs hair resilience and life. It sets a unique standard.”

Richard Yongjae O'neill Avery Fisher Career
Grant Winner, USA

“Congratulations on your wonderful achievement! Your rosin is really spectacular: it has plenty of 'bite' yet it is not coarse.

I find that the 'David' solo viola rosin is ideal for solo work, and your rosin has helped me through many concerti. I use your rosin exclusively, and I have recommended it to many of my colleagues who now use your rosin, including my former professor Donald McInnes and members of the Sejong Soloists (whom have enjoyed using it as well).

Thank you for your contribution to the string world. Your rosin is known throughout the world, and I am very lucky to have been one of the first people to use it!”

Nokuthula Ngwenyama Avery Fisher Career
Grant Winner, USA

“ I have had a chance to try the Paganini line with violin and am very impressed with the results. I put it on a Maline bow, and the sound quality was excellent. There is no string noise, and the sound is crystal clear and articulate. Also, there is minimal caking of rosin on the strings with Maestro Bang's formula as opposed to many other types of rosin. Bravo!”

Miri Ben AriGrammy Award winning
hip-hop violinist, USA

"This is the one rosin I can use just before I get on stage that keeps my sound smooth and beautiful. No adaptation time, works right away, a must for any violinist!"

Dr. Marcin MurawskiProfessor of viola,
I.J. Padrerewski Academy
of Music, Poznan, Poland

"I play on a German Ch. G. Liebig viola (c. 1780) with Zyex D'Addario strings and must say, that your 'David' rosin has made remarkable change in the sound quality, as well as in its loudness. Also, what I found very comfortable for viola player who is playing in several chamber groups, I noticed that the initiation of the sound is far more easier and smoother comparing to other rosins - and thus allowing the player using all spectrum of dynamics without concerning about correct sound quality."

David Kim - Concertmaster, Philadelphia Orchestra, USA

"It is excellent!"

Philip Heyman Principal Violist, Welsh National Opera Orchestra, UK

"The rosin I am absolutely delighted with is the Vivaldi; it gives great clarity and warmth of tone. Best of all, unlike some rosins I have tried that give a good impression at first but seem to clog the hair with repeated use, this rosin seems to be getting better and better. Christine Clarkson"

Manager, Salford Symphony Orchestra, UK

"Thank you for your wonderful rosin. Selected members of all the string sections used it at rehearsal last night and all were extremely happy and very impressed with the results. I have a French violin a Barzoni which does not respond immediately to the bow. With the addition of your rosin I have a beautiful tone and immediate response. The orchestra leader has always been happy with any other rosin but now prefers yours."

Toshio Nakiri Cellist, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

"I was surprised to use ANDREA ROSIN. It produces very beautiful tone. It fits a string very well and it brings out talents of the Cello. I have used many rosins, but I have never seen such a great rosin, fitting a string and a bow. I think the Rosin is matching playing solo, chamber music and orchestra. In all situations, I am satisfied."

David Heyes, Double Bassist, UK

"I tried Alex rosin. Although some of the sticky rosin is still on the bow, I am amazed at the new rosin which is superb. The clarity of tone for every note is excellent, as is the bright and open sound of the harmonics. I didn't realize how 'cloudy' the sticky rosin made the bass sound and this new one seems to have really opened up the sound and made it brighter."

Karin van Wouw-Assistant to the executive director Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam

"Some of our orchestra members have tested Andrea rosin (solo violin and cello) and they have told me that they were very satisfied with the result. The rosins have proved to be positive to the sound the musicians are seeking for."

Sally Douglas, Orchestra Manager, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, UK

"I have had some feedback from one of our cellists as follows; 'I thought the rosin was really good, I used the soloist's one - nice sound and very good grip.' Other comments I heard were that they players liked the solo rosin for Orchestral playing best."