Important Message

The previous production of Andrea Rosin was discontinued in early 2007, and it has frustrated and disappointed countless musicians. Corruption in the business caused Andrea Bang to decide to discontinue the supply of the rosin formula to the manufacturer. I respectfully ask you to cease the distribution of remaining rosins to avoid the risk of getting defective products. Cremona in America does not guarantee or take any responsibilities on the quality of Andrea Rosins produced by previous manufacturer.

Cremona in America is now producing Andrea Rosin with improved performance and a new look, and this will be the only manufacturer of Andrea Rosin. We apologize for any inconveniecs that caused your company in the past due to the inconsistancy of Andrea Rosin supplies and changes.

Please contact our authorized exclusive distributors for order inquiries. If your shop is located outside our authorized exclusive distributors' assigned regions, please contact Cremona in America directly for order inquiries.